2020 CONP Scholars Colloquium

Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP) Scholars

Six CONP Scholars presented their work at a DMCBH Colloquium on September 25, 2020. Patrick Coleman, Ellen Koch, Nick Michelson, Jennifer Kim, Dongsheng Xiao, and Kaitlin Sullivan presented on research topics ranging from neural activity in mice to microglia gene regulation.

The speakers and their topics are listed below:

Patrick Coleman: Development of Dynamo, an open-source suite of tools for visualizing, analyzing, and sharing 4D data sets of neuronal structural growth and activity
Ellen Koch: An open resource of mouse fiber photometry and behavior data for neurological disease research and analysis software optimization.
Nick Michelson: Meso-social: an open-source approach to derive neural circuit activity in mice during constrained social interaction.
Jennifer Kim: Microgliome, an interactive microglia gene regulation browser.
Dongsheng Xiao: NeuroMap database: an open resource of event-triggered brain mesoscale maps in awake chronic mice.
Kaitlin Sullivan: Identify subpopulations of neurons participating in fear memory.

Video recordings of each of the presentations can be found through this link.