functional UltraSound Imaging (fUSI)

The fUSI system enables 3 types of measurements:

  • absolute and relative quantification of cerebral blood in both superficial and deep brain vascular networks
  • structural imaging of the brain
  • imaging of brain activity via cerebral blood volume changes throughout the entire rodent brain during behaviour  

fUSI enables functional MRI-like imaging, without the MRI and has been demonstrated in mice during freely-moving behaviours. It represents a critical tool to evaluate vascular networks brain-wide in response to stroke, vascular dementia, Alzheimer disease, etc., particularly in subcortical areas implicated in various disease states. Structural imaging can be used to assess changes in response to edema. 

Technical Specifications

Imaging Depth up to whole mouse brain (>2cm)
Data Analysislarge data; requires arivis Vision4D software

Existing 2D wide-field versus proposed 3D functional ultrasound imaging (fUSI): (a) 2D cortical response to a visual stimulus adapted from Mohajerani et al. (2013). (b) Full 3D brain-wide fUSI activity during a visual task adapted from Macé et al. (2018).

Key publications