Ultra Wide-field Multiphoton

A wide field-of-view 2-photon microscope enables cellular imaging of functional signals from specific neurons over multiple brain regions. Our system also supports brain stimulation using optogenetics through an auxiliary laser port. This microscope uses custom optics and relaxes some of the constraints put on traditional microscope optics to provide a large field-of-view consisting of approximately 25 mm2 of cortex but still maintaining the near diffraction-limited cellular and sub-cellular resolution expected from a 2-photon microscope.

2-photon vs. ultra wide-field 2-photon microscopy: The ultra wide-field 2-photon ROI encompasses multiple brain regions. Adapted from the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas.

Key publications

Yu, C. H., Stirman, J. N., Yu, Y., Hira, R. & Smith, S. L. Diesel2p mesoscope with dual independent scan engines for flexible capture of dynamics in distributed neural circuitry. bioRxiv 8, 1–22 (2020).