International Network for Bio-Inspired Computing

UW members Adrienne Fairhall and Eric Shea-Brown have led a successful NSF Accelnet proposal in an effort to establish an international Network of Networks among existing regional research clusters in France (ENS, EITN, Inria), Montreal (Mila, UdeMontreal) and the Pacific Northwest (UBC, UW, UO, PIMS).  This International Network for Bio-Inspired computing will help unlock the uniquely biological elements of computation arising from the brain’s biophysics and structure.  It will use these discoveries to develop new biologically inspired methods for artificial neural networks. Our participating clusters have crosscutting expertise in: 

● Theoretical and experimental neuroscience (ENS, EITN, U. Montreal, UO, UBC and UW) 

● Machine learning and AI (PIMS, Mila, Inria)  

● Data science and applied mathematics (UW, Inria and PIMS) 

● AI ethics (PacNW, Montreal, Paris) and neuroethics (UW, UBC). 

You can access the IN-BIC website here.