Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

DBC is fully committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. The cluster embraces a philosophy of openness and equity which is evidenced by our emphasis on Open Science, wide ranging partnerships (within UBC, Cascadia and beyond), and support for all trainees.


  • Equitable access to advanced training: 2017-2023 we have supported all trainees (110+, cluster membership not required).
  • Promotion and career development of trainees: elevate experiences through inclusive research experiences at Databinge (our data science and analysis forum), cluster events (e.g. tri-cluster research day) and funding opportunities (CONP).
  • Support the adoption of Open Science practices to provide equitable access to data and code for all stake holders.


  • Foster diversity in research approaches across the cluster membership.
  • Support members with diverse lived experiences by providing bespoke training opportunities through Databinge and neurodata tutor interactions.
  • Take active steps to enhance diversity through partnerships (ie IBRO program for UBC Indigenous undergraduate students in Neuroscience).


  • The DBC neurodata peer tutor program is a functioning, real-world example of inclusive excellence that simultaneously enhances experiences at UBC while making powerful contributions to research through the Databinge forum.
  • Engage the UBC community at all levels (co-op engineering and physical science students, GPN graduate students, faculty and staff) and provide interactions with national and international scientists addressing similar data-driven questions.