Brain Clearing Workshops

Pictured: cleared mouse brain, presented by Dr. Kwanghun Chung at Neurofutures 2017. Image credit: Dr. Jason Snyder. 

Our first hands-on workshop on brain clearing and expansion was held in conjunction with NeuroFutures 2017. Sixty people attended the workshop, led by Dr. Kwanghun Chung (Massachusets Institute of Technology), Dr. Joshua Vaughan (University of Washington) and Dr. Jonathan Epp (University of Calgary). Dr. Chung developed CLARITY, a brain-clearing technique that produces transparent tissue that remains fully intact, and enables researchers to label and image brain tissue without sectioning.

Brain Clearning and Expansion Workshop program (7/12/2017, PDF)

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Read more about CLARITY on Dr. Chung’s website.

Watch Dr. Chung’s presentation, below.

“The NeuroFutures meeting/Brain Clearing workshop was an extraordinary opportunity for me to present my work and to exchange and receive critical feedback on current research projects and to do so with leaders in the field. It also served as an in-depth and welcome update to the ever-expanding and exhaustive resources of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, which everyone should be exploiting.”

– Allen Chan (PI: Dr. Tim Murphy)