Canadian Neuromodulation Network (CNN) Meeting

CNN Meeting

Organizer: Fidel Vila-Rodriguez, NINET lab and Dynamic Brain Circuits Cluster

Where: Rudy North Lecture room, lower level of Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health (2215 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC -UBC Point Grey Campus).

When: Thursday, February 28th 9am to 12pm


This meeting is intended to be a field mapping meeting for those interested and currently involved in work in neurostimulation including basic scientists, clinicians, and trainees. Let’s come together and discuss the need to launch a National Professional Society around non-invasive neurostimulation/neuromodulation.

The meeting will kick off by introducing a local initiative founded by Brain Canada that helped accelerate the neuromodulation activity at UBC. This will be followed by an update on the provincial efforts in BC to pursue public funding for rTMS for depression and discuss the recent experience of our colleagues in Alberta, where the rTMS provincial initiative recently launched. We will follow with group discussion about topics that could be the focus of the CNN as well as potential next steps.

Some possible of topics would include, but not be limited to:

  • Research and Neurostimulation in Canada. What can we do to foster collaboration?
  • Neurostimulation and open science: data sharing and SOP sharing initiatives, harmonization of procedures (e.g. TMS-EEG).
  • Neurostimulation in Rehabilitation, Neurology, other fields
  • National strategies to implement rTMS into health care system
  • Creation of clinical guidelines for neurostimulation
  • Creation of recommendations for standard rTMS delivery (e.g. motor thresholding, positioning, etc)
  • Creation of guidelines for training of rTMS technicians
  • Creation of national registries for neurostimulation

Please feel free to share the invitation to other colleagues who you think might be interested.