Canadian Neurophotonics Platform, CAN Satellite

The Dynamic Brain Circuits Cluster helped to organize and host a satellite meeting showcasing advances in Neurophotonics research throughout Canada at the CAN meeting in Vancouver on May 13th, 2018.  Distinguished speakers from All Across Canada and North America presented on the cutting edge of research and technology into neurophotonics from batch processing of single-cell calcium signals to the latest approaches for brain clearing histology.

Prof. Majid Mohajerani from Lethbridge University presents on Meso-scale imaging of the whole mouse cortex.


Anna Xiao Luo from UBC demonstrates how Machine Learning can be applied to related Calcium imaging data to simultaneously record electrophysiology data.  This research was developed at UBC in Tim Murphy’s lab.


Prof. Tim Muprhy (right) Introduces Prof. Jaideep Bains (president-elect of CAN) from the University of Calgary.


Prof. Sylvain Williams from McGill University delivers a fascinating talk on the potential for Mini-scopes developed at UCL to revolutionize simultaneous single-cell activity recording in awake behaving mice.


Prof. Yves De Koninck from the CERVO Brain Research Center at Université Laval presents an impressive population code analysis of primary sensory neurons sensitive to different temperatures.


For more info about the Satellite, click here

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9:10 SESSION 1: Big Data in Neurophotonics
Chair: Ed Ruthazer | McGill University

9:10 Andrea Giovannucci | Simons foundation
CaImAn: Calcium Imaging data Analysis for the 99%

9:40 Majid Mohajerani | Lethbridge University
Whole cortex data analysis

10:10 Jonathan Epp | Univ. of Calgary,
High-throughput and open-source approaches to histology and analysis

10:40 Anna Xiao Luo | UBC
Machine Learning as Applied to Neuroscience

11:10 COFFEE BREAK –  Lobby

11:30 SESSION 2: Imaging the behaving brain
Chair: Tim Murphy

11:30 Jaideep Bains | University of Calgary
Anticipating and acting on threats – insights using fiber photometry

12:00 Sylvain Williams | McGill University,
Mini scopes and hippocampus

12:30 Lunch (included with registration – Earl’s Test Kitchen, 905 Hornby St)

14:00 SESSION 3- Optical approaches for studying circuits
Chair: Kurt Haas

14:00 Yves De Koninck | CERVO Brain Research Center, Université Laval
Uncovering sensory coding strategies from population analysis.

14:30 COFFEE BREAK –  Lobby

14:50 Robert Campbell | University of Alberta
Optogenetic tools for neurophotonics

15:20 Jack Waters | Allen Institute for Brain Science
3-photon microscopy and adaptive optics