Introductory Stats Workshop

Introductory Stat’s Workshop: June 9, 2021

Biomedical research publications rely heavily on statistics for describing and analyzing data. However, biomedical researchers come from many different backgrounds, and it is common for their statistical training to go no further than an introductory stats course. The Dynamic Brain Circuits cluster, the ICORD Trainee Committee, and the BCCHRI TOG collaborated together to create a workshop that covers several different statistical analysis techniques. This workshop was created with the hopes that it could provide participants with some of the fundamental statistics skills necessary for biomedical research. The workshop consisted of 4 main sections: the basics of working in R, hypothesis testing and t-tests, bootstrapping and permutation tests, and ANOVA and multiple comparison methods.

All of the materials for the workshop can be found on our GitHub page. Video recordings of the presentation can be found on YouTube.