Neuromatch Academy Summer Courses.

Neuromatch Academy, Jul 13-31, 2020

Neuromatch Academy is an online computational neuroscience school that was developed this summer by Neuromatch in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program includes both interactive and observer formats and requires teaching assistants for support. This year, Pankaj Gupta, one of the Dynamic Brain Circuits Cluster’s Neurodata Tutors, was selected to be a teaching assistant. Pankaj is currently a graduate student working with the Murphy Lab. Pankaj helped prepare and review course content and facilitated a group of students throughout the program. The aim of Neuromatch Academy is to educate trainees on computational neuroscience tools by bridging computational methods with modern neuroscience concepts. The program ran from July 13-31 and was attended by 5000 students from around the world. Students in the Neuromatch Academy were matched with teaching assistants and group members using an algorithm that took into account their experience and interests.

The course content for Neuromatch Academy can be accessed on GitHub. It includes the following topics:

Python Workshop
Model Fitting
Machine Learning
Dimensionality Reduction
Linear Systems
Real Neurons
Dynamic Networks
Deep Learning